After 12 successful years in business we changed our name from Nana’s Pizzeria to Nonni’s. Why you ask?

Because we simply outgrew it, and it was no longer serving us well. You see there were multiple non-affiliated Nanas Pizza locations in Massachusetts with different recipes, pricing, and menu items than Nana’s Revere. After they began competing against our location it caused confusion for our customers and questions about the quality and price of their menu items compared to ours. So, to avoid any further confusion, we chose to change our name to Nonni’s Pizza.

Why Nonni's Pizza?

We had asked for suggestions and got a lot of great ideas. Nonni's Pizza was one of the more popular requests among our customers.

In Italian, Nonni means grandparents, but it is also used as a nickname by many Italians for their nana. In our selection we were very careful to choose a name that was not already in use in Massachussets. But we also wanted a name that would properly represent our Authentic Italian Pizza - one that was unique with a family feel but also fun at the same time. Nonni's Pizza is the perfect choice for us and we hope you feel the same!

Thank You,

George Philbrook
Owner, Nanas Pizza Revere/Nonni's Pizza
Est. 1995

P.S. Same recipe and ownership. The only difference is in the name.

What Happened at Nana’s Revere… stays at Nonni’s!


Nanas Pizza limited delivery area: Nana's Everett, Nana Revere, Nana Malden, Nana's Saugus & Nanas Chelsea. Independently owned and operated, not affiliated with any other house of Pizza or Everett pizzeria